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Coach education

Education packs – Coming Soon

Each pack contains a comprehensive explanation of each exercise, coaching drills with full coaching points which allow busy teachers and coaches to plan their session with ease, incorporating the most up to date techniques and exercises.


1)      Basic Skills  - An Introduction to Hockey

2)      Overload Situations – Attacking and defending

3)      Short Corners – Offensive and Defensive

4)      Long corners – Attacking play and how to defend

5)      7 v 7 and 11 v 11 formations explained- how to press

6)      1v1 Attacking and Defending

7)      Goalkeeping – An Introduction

8)      Goalkeeping – Advanced and Defensive Corner

9)      Small unit Gameplay

10)   Goal-scoring and Drag Flicking-

11)   Full pack of All Units  – Plus a free day of CPD for your coaches with an International Coach and an International Player (travel expenses may be incurred/passed on)


We can produce tailor made coaching/session/yearly plans for schools, please get in touch should you wish.


Pre Season Training


We are happy to provide both plans/sessions for pre-season training, or conduct pre-season training in schools/clubs – please get in touch to discus